Winter 2013/2014

April 07, 2014

Tattoos, babies, training camps, oh my!

Fun in the sun!

What a winter it has been! I feel like I've really been living it up and at the same time laying low over the cooler months. After Austin, I had a few weeks off training as I do every year. If you read my Austin race report, you can imagine I was really looking forward to a break. Unfortunately a rare visit from my BFF Jill and her partner (owner and creative mastermind behind Pip Robins*) coincided with a horrid cold that I named “the plague.” Being the BFF that I am, Jill came down with my sickness just as I was on the mend. We still made the best of her visit and had some fun times, including getting tattooed by the incredible Arlin Ffrench at Gastown Tattoo!

New tattoo day!

I also tried my 1st cyclocross race! Cyclocross!

I became an auntie!! My wonderful brother and sister-in-law docked their sailboat after almost a year on board just in time to have a very early - but cooked just enough - healthy little boy. He's growing like a weed and is the cutest little bug on the planet. He'll hopefully grow up to be just as geeky as his parents.

Meeting my nephew for the 1st time. The little professor

Once the New Year began, it was time to get serious again and start more structured swim/bike/run training. I've been spending a lot of time in the pool and have had some fantastic breakthroughs in the water, thanks to Coach Bjoern's regular Masters swim workouts. We have a great group this year including some former Varsity swimmers and the super speedy pro triguy Jeff Symonds.

I've also been spending a lot of time on my new 2014 Trek Speed Concept 9.9 from West Point Multisport. This year in a very sexy Liquid Red, which I believe has been dubbed "Firecracka" inspired by the antics of Chris Whelchel. Trek has really revamped their design this year and the changes are quite exciting. However until recently my only riding has been at the Tuesday night spin sessions I coach at West Point!

Firecracka - new 2014 Speed Concept 9.9

After some epic riding with the Mighty Pirates and co in Lillooet, I headed south to Tucson - logging some serious miles on the Speed Concept during a 2-week training camp. It'd had been a few years since I treated myself to a winter training camp. I was really excited to join teammate Nathan Killam for some hard, focused training in the sun. I was also incredibly lucky to enjoy the generous hospitality of fellow pro Jesse Vondracek, crazy fast endurance runner Amy Cole...and an Addy. It also just so happened that Wattie and Heather Jackson were down for the Cliff English Pro camp. It was great to join them, Leanda Cave, Jackie Arendt, the Chris's (Boudreaux and Bagg), Liz Lyles and Sara Parker for a couple workouts. It's rare for me to have the opportunity to connect and train with other pros besides my Team Ossenbrink-mates, so I really appreciated this opportunity.

Epic Lillooet

Pavilion Lake, Lillooet Training Camp

Heather and I crushing the Madera climb.

Heather Jackson and I crushing the Madera climb.

Nathan, Jesse V and I midway up Mt Lemmon.

Windy Point, Tucson, AZ

Swimming in the sun!

Swimming in the sun!

Apart from that, a bit of tendinitis has kept me off my feet a bit and in the pool water running like a crazy woman (because so many hours going nowhere in a pool could drive anyone crazy!). I'm back on my feet now though and am gearing up for my first race at the end of the month: Ironman 70.3 California! In other exciting news (that's OLD news if you are subscribed to my new newsletter ;)), I am completely redoing my website with the help of Hyphen8tion and Plainname. It is going to look AMAZING. I'm really happy with the design work Alex and co. have done - still purple, different logo, much flashier. My job now however is to move all the old content over to the new site. So tedious! At this point I would love to just hire someone to do this. Any takers?!?! I pay in a few Hornby Island Energy Bars, hugs and high fives. ;) In any case, as soon as I get my butt in gear, it will get done and all will be revealed! Stay tuned.

*By the way, Pip Robins will be back at Vancouver Circle Craft fair this November, so mark your calendars and come check out her awesome bags, belt buckles and cowls. I have a mustache cowl and belt buckle that I pretty much wear every day, as some of you may have noticed.




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